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Grand Slam Challenge: April 9th-20th
Batter up! Sign up at the front desk for our April Grand Slam challenge. Gain points after you enroll by completing bases towards the final prize of 2 Braves tickets! Ask a staff member for more details. 

Big Peach Foam Rolling Clinic: April 7th, 11:30pm and 12:30pm

FitTrip Participants: Join Big Peach Running Co. for a 20-30 min. foam roll-ing clinic! Whether you are a runner or are consistently doing your Fit challenges, learning how to foam roll can help you stay injury free. Sign up for one of the two time slots offered at the front desk!

Kangoo: April 19th,12:45-1:30pm
Kangoo is back for more fitness and fun! Sign up at the front desk to secure your spot!


Attention FitTrippers! You are past the halfway point. How are you staying on track with your nutrition and fitness goals? If you have not already done so, be sure to schedule some time with your Travel Agent  to go over any questions or concerns regarding the program. Keep up the great work and continue to submit your assignments online to receive your points! Email Tatum at with any additional questions. We are more than happy to help!

Weigh-outs will be May 7, 10, 14 - see the front desk or email Tatum at to sign up!

New Group Fitness Classes:
Be sure to check out the new group fitness classes offered on Monday and Thursday!