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Group Fitness

At Resolution Fitness, we strive to provide members with the most challenging and effective Group Fitness classes. Complimentary Master Classes are scheduled each month to receive feedback, and examples of regularly occurring classes are listed below. For a complete and current Group Fitness Schedule:

We are here to assist you in reaching your wellness goals by offering fun and engaging classes that will be sure to help you mix up your routine!


  • Spin: If you are looking for a heart racing, cardiovascular-strengthening, interval class - Then you've found your solution! Get a great cardio workout in 45 minutes on the new IC7 Coach by Color bikes.
  • Rip N'Ride: Improve your cardiovascular condition, increase muscle tone, and have fun in this heart-racing cardio class mixed with free-weight exercises.


  • Introduction To Pilates Reformer: A 30-minute fee-based class using the Reformer machines to tone and lengthen your entire body. 
  • Power Pilates: Improve your core strength, flexibility, and posture while conditioning and toning your entire body. This class adds more power to your Pilates routine by utilizing light weights, Pilates rings, and your own bodyweight.


  • Shock: Push your fitness to the next level! A combination of strength training and cardio - This class is challenging!
  • Tabata Power: Push yourself to the max with this high-intensity interval class, designed to give you a total body strength and cardio workout in a quick 30 minutes.


  • Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement." Through guided instruction, you will flow from one pose to the next seamlessly in this 75-minute class.


  • Zumba: Add some Latin flavor and international zest to your workout! Dance your way into a better body by burning tons of calories with easy to follow moves and fun Latin beats!